Monday, October 27, 2008

Incredibles, The Game Cheats

During gameplay go to the Secret codes menu and use the following codes:
Unlock - Unlock All Missions (MasterCheat)
GazerBeam- Shoot Beams For A While
SmartBomb- Kill Enemies And Every Item Near You
SassMode - Game Becomes Faster
UUDDLRLRBAS- Refill 25% Health
Showtime - Get Incredipower For A while
DanielTheFlash - Get Incredipower For Superspeed - Press
Right Mousebutton While Running
McTravis - Get Incredipower - Press Right Mousebutton
For Fast Running And Ramming Everything
Kronos - Get Windtrails And Superpunch
AthletesFoot - Enable Fire Trail
BWTheMovie - Toggle Player Slowmotion
InvertCameraX- X Cam Controls Change (Mouse)
InvertCameraY- Y Cam Controls Change (Mouse)
Einsteinium- Large Head
DeEvolve - Small Head
bHUD - Toggle Hud
BoaPlace - Nothing
RotAIDalg- Nothing
Hi - Show Intro
YourNameInLights - Show Credits

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