Monday, October 27, 2008

Incredible Hulk, The: Ultimate Destruction Game Cheats

Incredible Hulk Passwords:
Enter "Bandera" into the password screen on the main menu.

Incredible Hulk Passwords:
Enter these codes into the password screen on the main menu:

Bonus Features Unlocked. - Bandera
Costume change: Hulk wears Union Jack shorts (UK) - FSHNCHP
Costume change: Hulk wears Canadian flag shorts - OCANADA
Costume change: Hulk wears German flag shorts - DEUTSCH
Play the game with a Sepia filter on - HISTORY
Double the Hulk's damage values - DESTROY
All incidental vehicles become taxi cabs - CABBIES
100,000 Additional Smash Points - SMASH10
Traffic Speed Doubles and Is Aggressive - FROGGIE
Replaces missles with cows - CHZGUN

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