Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knights of Honor Game Cheats

Cheat List:

During game play press ENTER and type the following codes:

* 100,000 gold: bskinti
* Increas structure damage: bsdestroyer
* Remove fog of war: bsnofog
* No money mode: bsrai
* AI off for all kingdoms: bsnoai
* AI on for all kingdoms, including yours: bsai
* Change sides to selected nation: bsswitch
* Enemy spies are shown on Knightbar: showspies

Knights And Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion Game Cheats

Turbo Mode:

To Activate Turbo Mode press F8. The game will go a lot faster. Press f8 again to stop the turbo mode.

Knights and Merchants Game Cheats

More stuff:
Inside of the storehouse there are boxes with the items. When one box is clicked there is a red triangle on that box. Click on these boxes in order.

-wooden boards
-iron bars
-wine caskets
-cooked meat
-animal hide
-plate mail
-long bows

now after clicking those boxes, you have two choices two on ether one 10 of each item, can click more than once.
-horses...completes the current level

Knight Rider 2 Game Cheats

Watch all FMV Sequences:

Open an instance of Windows Explorer to enter the directory where the game was installed. Open the directory where the movie files are stored. They are encoded in MPEG format, and can be played through any media player.

Knight Rider Game Cheats

Various Codes:
Type one of the following codes in campaign mode to activate the desired effect:

Effect - Code:
Enable SPM in all levels - POWER01
Disable SPM in all levels - POWER00
Enable level select - ROAM01
Disable level select - ROAM00

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