Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Game Cheats

Unlockable List
To unlock boss rush mode in the main menu get 100% in a game. Beat the final bosses to get metaknight’s sword which appears in front of the magic mirror. To unlock the sound test option find the CD treasure during game play. Collect every treasure in the game to unlock arena mode.

Unlockable: Different Kirby Colors
Collect the cans of spray paint throughout the game to change Kirby’s color.

Hint: Dont Let Bosses to Waste
After defeating a boss, before it disappears, you can suck them up to change your power to the bosss power. That way he might not have to go to waste!

Hint: Lost Percentage
If youre looking for the last few areas for 100%, go to each map and if the map is not blinking, you have missed something (a treasure) on that map.

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