Monday, May 11, 2009

King's Quest 6 Game Cheats

Tip 3
To complete the puzzle at the bottom of the cliff, click on the first 'R' in the first word, then the 'I' right below it, then the 'S' below that, and finally, click on the 'E' below the that.

Tip 2
To get the map to the all the islands, go talk to the library manager and he will tell you some things then tell you to go to the ferryman and he will tell you some things also then tell you about the map and tell you to go to the pawn shop owner and he will trade you the map for your ring or the pearl you find on the beach.

Tip 1
To get the hole in the wall play the flute for the flowers and while they are mesmorized take the hole in the wall. With the hole you can look in the dungeon's hall in the side of the castle.

Cliffs Of Logic
On the Cliffs of Logic, the third riddle: Press the last circle, the first circle, then the second circle.

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