Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jeremy McGrath Super Cross 98 Game Cheats

Cheat mode
Enter "" as a case-sensitive rider name and save it to a memory card. Pause the game to access a cheat menu on the options screen. Besides the cheat options on that menu, highlight a single race then hold Square and press X to enable mirror mode, master 82cc mode, and unlock all the tracks in single player mode.

Reversed tracks
Enter "showtime" as a case-sensitive rider name.

Automatic saved game loading
Enter "McGrath" as a case-sensitive rider name.

Mirrored tracks
Complete the season in first place using the reversed tracks.

M80cc bike
Finish a season in first place on intermediate mode.

Yamaha YZ80 bike
Finish the first race in first place on advanced mode. Note: This will also allow a solo race against Jeremy McGrath.

Quick start
At the loading screen for your track, hold R2. Keep holding R2, then accelerate when "Go" appears to pop a wheelie.

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