Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Justice League Heroes Game Cheats

At the pause menu, hold down all 4 L and R buttons:
Invincibility Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
One-hit kills UP, UP, DOWN, LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN, RIGHT
Unlocks all Cinematics DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT
Gives 25 Random Boosts Left, Right, Left, Righ
Gives 20 shields Up, Up, Down, Down
Maxes out abilities Right, Down, Right, Down
Unlimited Energy Downx2, Rightx2, Upx2, Leftx2
Unlock everything Down, Left, Up, Right
Characters and Alt. Costumes

When playing the game you collects little orange Shields to buy New Hero's or Alt. Costumes. To access the menu hit the select button and on the far right is the menu to spend you well earned Shields. The ony time you may pick your New Hero is when the game lets you pick you Hero. At the same time you may change you costume by hitting the square button.

Wonder Woman Alt. Costume: Biker Style 61 Shields
Superman Alt. Costume: Earth 2 65 Shields
Batman Alt. Costume: Clasic Blue 59 Shields
New Hero: Green Lantern-Kyle Rayner 55 Shields
New Hero: Huntress 53 Shields
Flash Alt. Costume: Walter West 48 Shields
Wonder Woman Alt. Costume: Toga 44 Shields
Zatanna Alt. Costume: Identity Crisis 38 Shields
Superman Alt. Costume: Black Recovery Suit 32 Shields
Green Lantern: Alt. Costume: Bold 30 Shields
Martian Manhunter Alt. Costume: Modren Look 29 Shields
New Hero: Aquaman 27 Shields
Zatanna Alt. Costume: Classic Blue 25 Shields
Green Lantern Alt. Costume: Retro 23 Shields
Flash Alt. Costume: Jay Garrick 21 Shields
Martian Manhunter Alt. Costume: True Form 15 Shields
Batman Alt. Costume: Infiltration Suit-Batman Beyond 74 Shields
New Hero: Hawkgirl 70 Shields
New Hero: Green Arrow 76 Shields
New Hero: Green Lantern-Hal Jordan 84 Shields
Superman Alt. Costume: Kandor 91 Shields

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