Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Juiced Game Cheats

Unlock All Cars:
Enter PING as a code at the cheats screen to unlock all cars in arcade mode. If that hasn't worked then try putting in PINT instead and hopefully that will unlock all the cars in arcade mode.

Cheat: Money
You must enter FAST.

Unlockable: Prototype Mods
You must acquire 1,500 respect points from all CPU characters.

Hint: PS2 Memory Card Exploit
When you have 600 respect points from any crew leader, you can challenge them for their car. These races can be difficult as a defeat will result in you losing your car. If you remove you memory card before challenging the leaders, you can prevent this from happening. If you lose the race, simply reset your PS2 and load your game from your card. However, if you win the race, re-insert your memory card and use the autosave function in the Extras menu to save your data.

Hint: Drag Race Exploit
Also, when you have enough money ($10,000 is a good amount to start with) you can host your own events. Make it a sprint and allow only class 1 cars. You will get 2 racers (T.K. ans Biggi) and they will have either a corvette or a viper (99% of the time) always choose the viper as it is much faster than the corvette. If both drivers have the same car look for which car has the higher BHP. If they are identical, choose Biggi as he is the better driver and will win most of the time.

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