Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jaws Unleashed Game Cheats

Unlockable: Level Select
Get all of the 45 hidden license plates in story mode. Enter Select at the main menu.

Unlockable: God Mode
You must get all 50 Treasure Chests sprinkled through-out Open Ocean West, Open Ocean South, Open Ocean East, Grand Occasus Canals, Underwater Caves, and Fisherman's Isle.

Unlockable: Infinite Health
Name your profile UNSTOPABLE.

Hint - Beat the Colossal Squid
The squid is a rather difficult boss, but there is a trick to beating him. Watch his tentacles carefully.

When both tentacles are on one side of you, dodge him so he doesn't whack you. And when his tentacles start edging back, prepare yourself.

When the camera turns to him, immediatly charge out of the way. Now that he is stunned, bite off the tentacles blocking his vulnerable eyes. Repeat this step until the eyes are easy to attack.

Eat both of his eyes out to blind him. While blind, the squid can still feel your movement. Use him to destroy the facility by using Jaws as live bait in front of one of the large, metal beams on either side of the three grinders (all six of them).

Keep repeating this process and you will defeat the boss.

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