Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Independence Day Game Cheats

Hidden menu
Play Disc 2 and select "Data Console" at the main menu. Highlight the "Main Menu" option, then press Right to highlight the power light on the computer. Press Enter to turn on the computer and display the "Access: 7-4-Enter" message which also powers on the spaceship in the background. Quickly return to the main menu and press 74 followed by Enter while the spaceship is activated.

Four new menu options will be available. The "Sonic Separator" option plays various audio tracks from the movie isolated from the rest of the sounds. The "Combat Review" will randomly display one of the action scenes from the movie. The "Monitor Earth Broadcasts" will randomly display an extended version of one of the news scenes from the movie. Another option allows the production credits to be played.

Additionally, press 72 followed by Enter or 73 followed by Enter instead of the first code to allow specific selections from the "Combat Review" and "Monitor Earth Broadcast" options to be viewed directly instead of randomly.

Super Bowl commercial
Play Disc 2 and select the "Data Console" option at the main menu. Highlight the coffee cup and press Enter.

ID4 online preview
Play Disc 2 and select the "Data Console" option at the main menu. Highlight DVD-ROM on the laptop and select the "See a preview of ID4 online" option.

Play Disc 1 and wait at the main menu.

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