Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! Game Cheats

Hint: Sunflower Market
When you see a green hamster that is tack-Qing the box of cookies, tack-Q him and then when he lies down, choose tuggie. When you opened the cookies (and if he has finished speaking), go back to Acorn Shrine and go to the house in a tree. When you go in and the old woman will give you a homemade cookie. Go back to Sunflower Market to the spot where you saw him and then go to him. He will talk to you and he will take the cookies from you. When he is finished eating it he will go home to Acorn Shrine.

Unlock Cast / Characters

Follow her until you get to the biggest tree in acorn shrines. Tack-Q it. Then, she will come out and cry. digdig inside the hole next to her. Youll find her stone. Talk to her and there ya go!

When you see a hamster with a pink face, turn into the big area. Pass the hamster who hops on the bars and go under the log. Turn to the next area. When you see an oddly put together wall, Tack-Q it until the roof fals off. Go over to the lighted area and say Hamha, Max will fall down and star bawling. Choose the option to say, “Nibloo” and hell laugh when you fall in the mud.

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