Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hulk, The Game Cheats

Various Cheats:
During gameplay locate a "Game Terminal" to enter these cheats:

FIFTEEN - Get "Desert Battle" Movie Art
SANFRAN - Get "Hulk Transformed" Movie Art
PITBULL - Get "Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs" Movie Art
JANITOR - Get Gray Hulk
NANOMED - Get "Hulk Movie" FX

More Codes:
Go to the Options/Code menu to enter these codes. They are then activated by going to Options/Special Features/Cheats menu

GMMSKIN Be Invincible
FLSHWND Get Regenerator
ANGMNGT Rage Meter to Max
GRNCHTR Unlimited Continues
BRNGITN Double HP for Enemies
MMMYHLP Half HP for Enemies
FSTOFRY Killer Punch
BRCESTN Solve Puzzle
NMBTHIH High Score Reset
TRUBLVR Get All Levels

File Hack:
Make a file called args.txt and put it in your install directory and add any of the parameters below to the file for the effect below when starting your game

-supersoak - Get everything
-soak - Start on first level
-fesoak - Get special features

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